Water based spraying texture sand royal paint for house


Texture sand paint is a kind of decorative paint, its appearance texture unique characteristics.

1. Appearance

The appearance of texture sand paint is characterized by obvious texture, exposing a feeling of sand shell texture. It can create a natural and interesting texture on the wall, which enhances the beauty. Texture sand paint has rich styles and textures, which can be selected and matched according to personal preferences and needs to achieve different visual effects.

2. Performance

Texture sand paint is a decorative material with premium properties. It has good insulating properties, which can prevent the wall from being attacked by moisture, avoid mold and germs, etc., and keep the wall clean and healthy. Moreover, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of texture sand paint is very good, even in a humid environment, there will be no peeling. In addition, texture sand paint is also scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, so it can maintain the beauty and integrity of the wall surface during long-term use.

3. Advantage

The advantages of texture sand paint are reflected in many aspects. First of all, its construction process is very simple, and users can do it by themselves without looking for professional construction personnel, which can save a labor cost, and is very suitable for DIY enthusiasts. Secondly, texture sand paint is an environmentally friendly and healthy decorative material, which does not produce harmful gases and pollution, and is conducive to the circulation and cleaning of indoor air. Finally, the service life of texture sand paint is relatively long, unlike other wall paints that need to be repaired and replaced frequently, it can save maintenance costs.

Overall, texture sand paint is a very functional and stylish paint material with excellent appearance and performance characteristics. While using texture sand paint, we also need to pay attention to issues such as material storage and construction methods in order to give full play to its advantages and characteristics.

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Technical Parameters

  Primer Texture Sand Top Coating Varnish (optional)
Property Solvent free ( Water based ) Solvent free ( Water based ) Solvent free ( Water based )
Dry film thickness 50μm-80μm/layer 2mm-3mm/layer 50μm-80μm/layer
Theoretical coverage 0.15 kg/㎡ 3.0 kg/㎡ 0.12 kg/㎡
Touch dry <2h(25℃) <12h(25℃) <2h(25℃)
Drying time (hard) 24hours 48hours 24hours
Volume solids % 60 85 65
Application restrictions
Min. Temp. Max. RH%
(-10) ~ (80) (-10) ~ (80) (-10) ~ (80)
Flash point 28 38 32
State in the container After stirring, there is no caking, showing a uniform state After stirring, there is no caking, showing a uniform state After stirring, there is no caking, showing a uniform state
Constructability No difficulty in spraying No difficulty in spraying No difficulty in spraying
Nozzle orifice (mm) 1.5-2.0 6-6.5 1.5-2.0
Nozzle pressure(Mpa) 0.2-0.5 0.5-0.8 0.1-0.2
Water resistance(96h) Normal Normal Normal
Acid resistance (48h) Normal Normal Normal
Alkali resistance(48h) Normal Normal Normal
Yellowing resistance (168h) ≤3.0 ≤3.0 ≤3.0
Wash resistance 3000 times 3000 times 3000 times
Tarnish resistance /% ≤15 ≤15 ≤15
Mixing ratio for water 5%-10% 5%-10% 5%-10%
Service life >15 years >15 years >15 years
Storage time 1 year 1 year 1 year
Coatings colors Multi-color Single(Sand can be colored) Transparent
Application way Roller or Spray Roller or Spray Roller or Spray
Storage 5-30℃, cool, dry 5-30℃, cool, dry 5-30℃, cool, dry

Application Guidelines


Pre-treated substrate


Filler (optional)




Texture Sand Top Coating


Varnish  (optional)

Suitable for commercial building, civil building, office, hotel, school, hospital , apartments, villa and other exterior and interior walls surface decoration and the protection. 
This product stored at above 0 ℃, well ventilation, shady and cool place.

Application Instruction

Construction Conditions

The construction conditions should not be in moisture season with cold weather (temperature is ≥10℃ and humidity is ≤85%). The below application time refers to normal temperature in 25℃.

photo (1)
photo (3)

Application Step

Surface preparation :

First, a base treatment is required before applying texture sand paint. The wall needs to be removed and cleaned as a whole to keep it dry and fresh. After the treatment, a preliminary wall polishing should be carried out to ensure that the wall surface is smooth and free of impurities. Next, fill the gaps in the wall with caulk. When filling joints, you can choose joint filling materials with different particle sizes according to your needs to achieve the best effect.

photo (1)
photo (2)

Primer :

After foundation treatment and caulking, primer application is required. The primer used is a high adhesion and filling primer which is key to a successful application. During the painting process, it should be painted evenly in different directions to ensure that the wall surface is completely covered. After applying the primer, wait for it to dry completely, which generally takes 24 hours.

photo (4)
photo (5)

Texture sand top coating:

When the primer is completely dry, you can start to apply sand paint. First, the material needs to be stirred evenly, and then applied along the slope direction of the wall. The style can be set horizontally or vertically, but it is necessary to ensure that the adjustment work before painting is completed successfully to obtain the desired effect. When the desired effect is achieved, apply a clean top layer of satin cloth over the sandy paint and wait a while to decide if you need to brush again according to your preference.

photo (6)
photo (7)


In the process of constructing Texture sand paint, there are some matters needing attention. First of all, a thorough cleaning should be done before applying wall paint to keep the wall dry and clean. Secondly, when applying primer, you need to pay attention to the uniform distribution of the primer, which helps to keep the painted surface and the painted wall tightly bonded. Finally, before applying the sand paint, it is recommended to carry out careful processing and repair on the wall surface to ensure the surface is smooth, seamless and beautiful.

Clean up

After the wall is painted, the tools need to be cleaned. First, pour the remaining paint into the paint bucket. If necessary, the paint can be strained before pouring into paint buckets. Further, the paint brush needs to be cleaned. The cleaning mixture can be water or another suitable cleaning agent such as vinegar or soda. Soak the paint brush in the mixed solution, and then gently wipe it with a damp cloth or detergent.


A few things to pay attention to during the construction of texture sand paint are: First, it is recommended to start construction from a smaller wall to familiarize yourself with the painting technique and make more attempts to apply it correctly. Second, prior to color matching, key research should be done to ensure that your design style is complete, appropriate and comfortable. Finally, after construction is over, close inspection and maintenance are required to keep the texture sand paint in perfect condition.


Texture sand paint is a unique wall paint that can give a room a unique texture and visual effect. However, in order to ensure the success of the construction, we must pay attention to the preparation of the wall, use a good primer and sand paint, and carefully consider and plan the construction site and paint treatment process. According to the above suggestions, the construction of texture sand paint can allow you to wait for your desired beautiful wall in the shortest time.

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