White intumescent thin fire retardant paint for steel structure


Intumescent thin fire retardant paint for steel structures are a special type of coating that provide fire protection and help prevent structural damage. It has gained popularity recently due to its unique properties, which set it apart from other types of fire protection coatings.

First, the paint is very thin and spreads easily on surfaces. Therefore, it can be used on fragile surfaces such as steel without causing any damage. Furthermore, the thickness of the coating will not affect its effectiveness in preventing the spread of fire or heat transfer.

Second, it offers excellent protection, and in the event of a fire, the paint expands rapidly to form a thick foam-like barrier that acts as insulation and fire protection. This expansion is known as swelling, and it can increase the thickness of the paint layer by as much as 40 times. This attribute gives occupants critical time to evacuate the building and gives firefighters the opportunity to stop the fire from spreading.

Third, the intumescent thin fire retardant paint for steel structure has strong durability and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong sunlight, humidity and even corrosion. Unlike other types of coatings, it is less prone to corrosion, ensuring a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

Finally, it is versatile and can be applied to a variety of surfaces including steel, concrete and wood. This means it can be used in a variety of structures such as buildings, bridges, offshore structures and even aircraft.

Intumescent thin fire retardant paint is an effective and reliable method to protect steel structure from fire damage. Its superior performance, thinness, and versatility make it a popular choice among architects, construction firms, and homeowners worldwide.


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Thin fire retardant paint





Technical Parameters

Property Solvent free ( Water based ) 
Fireproof time 0.5-2 hours
Thickness 1.1 mm( 0.5h) - 1.6 mm(1h) - 2.0 mm(1.5h) - 2.8 mm(2h)                                                                                                            
Theoretical coverage 1.6 kg/㎡( 0.5h) - 2.2 kg/㎡(1h) - 3.0 kg/㎡(1.5h) - 4.3 kg/㎡(2h)
Recoating time 12hours(25℃)
Ratio (paint: water) 1: 0.05 kg
Mixed using time  <2h(25℃)
Touch time <12h(25℃)
Drying time (hard) 24h ( 25°C )
Service life >15 years
Paint colors Off-white
Construction tempature tempature : 0-50℃,  humidity: ≤85%
Application way Spray,Roller
Storage time  1 year
State Liquid
Storage 5-25℃, cool, dry


Application Guidelines

图片 2

Pre-treated substrate


Poxy Zinc rich primer


Epoxy mio intermediate paint (optional)


Thin fire retardant coating

Application Scope
Suitable for steel structure of the building and construction, such us civil building, commercial building,  park, gym, exhibition hall, and any other steel structure decoration and the protection. 
This product stored at above 0 ℃, well ventilation, shady and cool place.

Application Instruction

Construction Conditions

The construction conditions should not be in moisture season with cold weather (temperature is ≥10℃ and humidity is ≤85%). The below application time refers to normal temperature in 25℃.

photo (8)
photo (1)

Application Step

Surface preparation :

The surface should be polished, repaired, dust collected according to the site basic surface condition; Correct substrate preparation is critical for optimum performance. Surface should be sound, clean, dry and free from loose particles, oil, grease, and other contaminants.

photo (2)
photo (3)

Epoxy zinc rich primer :

1) Mix ( A ) primer, ( B ) curinge agent and ( C ) thinner in a barrel according to ratio by weight;
2) Fully mix and stir in 4-5 min until without equal bubbles, ensure paint be fully stirred.The main purpose of this primer is to reach the anti-water, and seal the substrate completely and avoid air-bubbles in the body coating;
3) The reference consumption is 0.15kg/m2. Rolling, brush or spray the primer evenly (as the attached picture show) by 1 time;
4) After 24 hours, apply thin fire retardant paint;
5) Inspection: ensure the paint film is evenly with uniform color, without hollowing.

photo (4)
photo (5)

Thin fire retardant paint:

1) Open the bucket: remove the dust and debris outside the bucket, so as not to mix the dust and sundries into the bucket.After the barrel opened, it must be sealed and used out within shelf life;
2) After 24 hours of rust-proof primer construction, the painting construction of fire retardant paint can be carried out.Before construction shall be fully stirred, if too thick can be slightly added (not more than 5%) dilution;
3) The reference consumption as different thickness for different fire duration. Rolling, brush or spray the thin fire retardant paint evenly (as the attached picture show);
4) Inspection: ensure the paint film is evenly with uniform color, without hollowing.

photo (6)
photo (7)


1) The mixing paint should be used within 20 minutes;
2) Maintain 1 week, can be used when paint is solid absolutely;
3) Film protection: keep away from stepping on, rain, exposing to sunlight and scratching until the film is fully dried and solidified.

Clean up

Clean tools and equipments first with paper towels, then clean the tools with solvent before the paint thinner.

Health and safety information

It contains certain chemicals which can cause skin irritation. Wear gloves, masks while handling the product, washing thoroughly after handling. Should skin contact occur, wash immediately with soap and water. During application and curing in closed rooms, adequate fresh air ventilation must be provided. Keep away from open flames including welding. In case of accidental eye contact, wash with a large quantity of water and immediately seek medical advice. For detailed health, safety, environment recommendations, please consult and follow the instruction on the product material safety data sheet.                               


The information given in this sheet is not intended to be exhaustive. Any person using the product without first making further written enquiries as to the suitability for the intended purpose does so at his own risk and we can accept no liability of the product for any loss or damage arising out of such use. Product data are subject to change without notice and become void five years from the date of issue.  


The above information is given to the best of our knowledge based on laboratory tests and practical experience. However, since we cannot anticipate or control many conditions under which our products may be used, we can only guarantee the quality of the product itself. We reserve the right to alter the given information without prior notice. 


Practical thickness of the paints can be little different from the theoretical thickness mentioned above due to many elements like environment,application methods,etc.

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