The quality test and performance test of the finished coatings

The quality inspection and performance test of coatings are helpful to select formulation, guide production, control product quality, provide technical data for construction and carry out basic theoretical research. Paint itself can not be used as engineering materials, it must be used with the coated items and play its role, its quality is good or bad, the most important is that it coated on the formation of the film properties. Therefore, paint quality testing has its own characteristics:


1) the quality testing of coating products, that is, the performance testing of coating and film, is mainly embodied in the performance of coating film, which is mainly based on physical methods and can not rely solely on chemical methods;

 2) the experimental substrate and conditions have a great impact; the coating products are widely used, and must be applied on the surface of the object through various coating methods;

3) the performance test is comprehensive, the paint coating on the surface of the object after the formation of coating film should have a certain decorative, protective performance, in addition. Film is often used in some specific environments, the need to meet specific technical requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to test some special protective properties, such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray, etc.

The performance of paint generally includes the performance of paint products themselves, paint performance, film performance.


Post time: Nov-23-2023