“SATU”leads technology coatings, paving the way for a better future

With the continuous expansion of residential and commercial buildings, the demand for raw materials such as building materials and coatings is also increasing rapidly. During the ups and downs of the market, maintaining stable product quality while introducing new reforms and progress is a symbol of honor for an excellent brand.

In the field of coatings, SATU uses 60 years of accumulation and precipitation as a weapon to steadily seek new and sustainable development. The SATU brand has never stopped pursuing more cutting-edge technology and higher quality since its inception with leather touch coatings. From wall coatings to various fields such as wood paint, floor paint, swimming pool paint, and car paint, SATU has also followed the needs of human development and embarked on the path of technological and environmental protection. Adhering to the development direction of technology first and green environmental protection, the SATU product chain has become increasingly mature and rich, while also gaining recognition from giants in various fields, and creating many excellent cases of classic fashion.

In terms of space, SATU has expanded from wall coatings to a wide range of product libraries for multi scenario applications such as floor paint, swimming pool paint, and car paint, meeting the evolving needs of people for various living, activity, and entertainment spaces. In terms of style, whether it is solid color series coatings, metal textured coatings, micro cement, or various artistic textured coatings, they all reflect SATU's continuous pursuit of a professional attitude that better caters to people's diverse preferences. In terms of product quality, it has continued the decades long tradition of tirelessly pursuing quality, and has never made any compromise in this regard for any reason. The guarantee of quality, responsibility for the future, and dedication to consumers are the fundamental reasons for the continuous growth and rapid development of the SATU brand.


If humans want long-term sustainable development, they must pay attention to the impact of all their activities on themselves and the outside world. Coatings, due to their vast application area and large usage, have become one of the most important factors affecting people's work, life, and even the development of human society. The environmental protection level of its raw materials, the rationality of its production process, and the control of the production environment and process determine whether the finished product will have adverse effects after use. SATU high-tech coatings abandon traditional outdated and polluting production processes and equipment, and strictly select materials to ensure green and healthy raw materials. They fully utilize the production technology progress brought about by rapid scientific development, strictly control the production environment, and ensure that products meet environmental protection concepts and high-quality requirements. In an efficient and stable production base, each output of SATU coating not only represents the noble philosophy and firm belief of the enterprise, but also embodies people's expectations for a better future.

With the establishment of “SATU”—Shenzhen Asia Pacific Regional Operations Headquarters in China, the fresh and innovative technology coating culture has finally arrived by our side. The series of fully imported coatings and other products present the latest development achievements of SATU in environmental protection, quality, and adaptability to preferences, in order to make Chinese people's lives healthier and happier. In a comfortable and beautiful living space, we can not only enjoy physical and mental pleasure, but also draw a hopeful and responsible attitude towards the present and future. As a cutting-edge pioneer in technology coatings, SATU will lead a wave of hope to create a better future, sweeping across a wider world.


Post time: Dec-01-2023