“SATU” Double 12 China-Chic Paint Festival interprets the oriental aesthetics of China for thousands of years!

As an international paint brand with profound cultural heritage, Shenzhen Shuai Tu Building Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SATU") has been committed to providing consumers with high-quality, environmentally friendly, and healthy paint products and solutions since its establishment, becoming one of the top 100 global paint companies. In the Double 12 (December 12th) China-Chic Paint Festival, SATU focused on the combination of China-Chic color and paint technology. At the same time, in order to meet the personalized needs of different consumers, SATU has launched a series of unique China-Chic art paints, combining Chinese aesthetics with modern home decoration, making each wall of the home a cultural heritage and expression, adding a touch of strong China-Chic flavor to the living space.


SATU Double 12 China-Chic Paint Festival is a collision and integration of traditional culture and modern aesthetics. Through this event, consumers can not only appreciate the unique aesthetic charm of SATU, but also feel the profound heritage of traditional Chinese culture. And this activity is of great significance for promoting the development of China-Chic culture and improving the innovation level of the home decoration industry. The Double 12 China-Chic Paint Festival is about to open. Let's lock in SATU, feel the charm of China-Chic, and taste the color of China's 5000 year civilization.


Post time: Dec-01-2023