How to match the color of architectural exterior wall paint reasonably?

The color of exterior wall paint plays a great role in the beauty of building exterior walls. How to choose the color of exterior paint?


3. From a long-term perspective, the color of the façade should also consider durability, weather resistance and stain resistance.

Light bright, too bright colors are easy to stain, blue colors are easy to fade, generally should be used less. The durability of pigments such as earthy yellow, camel and gray is better.

2. For large-area exterior wall facades, avoid using too pure and bright colors.

Such as pure white, tender yellow, big red, emerald green should be used as little as possible. The use of darker colors is easy to coordinate with the surrounding environment, and the visual effect is better.


4. The color of the façade of the exterior wall should also be considered according to the environment in which the building is located. The environment is open, facing the square and the main traffic arterial road, the color should be appropriately darker; In narrow streets and buildings in residential complexes, the color should be slightly lighter. At the same time, when choosing colors, avoid similarities with the colors of existing buildings around or form too strong contrasts.


Post time: Dec-05-2022